With superior technology, market-leading refinements and over 90 courses from around the globe at your fingertips, we give you X-Golf.


Picture this.

A group of people involved in the many facets of the Australian golf industry. Professionals, retailers and weekend warriors. All lovers of this great game. All known to be on the course from sunrise to sunset, regardless of conditions. All keenly aware of trends in the Australian and New Zealand golf industries. Time pressures. Cost pressures. The push for flexibility. For alternatives. Variation. Unrestricted. An opportunity to reimagine how golf is played and enjoyed in these countries. To rewrite the rules. To redraw the boundaries.


Now picture X-Golf

The result of 8 years of worldwide research by that same group of golfers. A global powerhouse in golf simulation technology, established throughout Asia and with growing presences in North America and Europe. Featuring superior graphics, unmatched shot recreation and feel, and premium enhancements such as auto-tees, personalised user settings and exceptional presentation, X-Golf was the sole brand that met our requirements for excellence, precision, realism and refinement to satisfy the demanding expectations of not only our local golfers, but also those simply seeking entertainment.

Put simply, X-Golf is the sole technology provider that had the ability to reset users’ attitudes towards indoor golf simulators after inferior experiences and substandard offerings had tainted many initial impressions.


X-Golf Australasia today.

X-Golf took its first steps in Australia in 2012 with the launch of its first indoor kiosk in Malvern, Victoria. Open daily until late, this virtual golf centre quickly gained a cult following with its weekly leagues, professional lessons, competitions, casual play and practise options. Fully licensed, X-Golf Malvern also gained popularity as a function venue, hosting corporate events, product launches, birthdays, bucks parties and much more. With the introduction of portable options in 2013, X-Golf hit the road, including featuring on-course at the Australian Masters and World Cup of Golf events held at Royal Melbourne.

Now the exclusive distributor of X-Golf simulators in Australia and New Zealand, X-Golf Australasia is continuously engaging with prospective clients on the exciting possibilities and varied applications of the X-Golf range of golf simulation units. With installations in retail locations, world-class apartment developments, corporate venues and private homes, X-Golf can adapt to almost any situation – regardless of location – in its pursuit of its original vision: to change the face of golf as we currently know it. 



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