Welcome to the inaugural Golf Business Forum, July 2016 – Australia’s largest ever gathering of golf facility owners, operators, industry leaders and business partners. 

We now live in a world of constant and rapid change, and the way in which Australians participate in sport, recreation and leisure activities is evolving. Whilst golf is one of the nation’s most popular participation sports, it must continue to develop to remain relevant to today and tomorrow’s golf consumer. 

Today’s golf consumer is engaging with golf in many different ways and via different golf facilities. Public-access golf courses, member-based clubs, driving ranges, mini-golf facilities and the new breed of golf simulators, all have a vital role to play in golf’s development. 

According to Golf Australia, of Australia’s 1.2M estimated golfers, the overwhelming majority are social golfers who are not tied to a member-based club.  Historically public access courses met this demand. Today, in addition to games at public-access courses, that social golfer might play at a private club golf event, join a social golf club, spend time on driving ranges with friends, play mini-golf in a modern facility, or spend a night at virtual golf. All these facilities provide valuable golf participation opportunities, provide welcoming and friendly environments for new and existing golf participants, add value to their community, and provide economic benefit. 

It’s time everyone stopped working in isolation and time to share success and drive innovation through collaboration. The Golf Business Forum provides just that opportunity - a forum to learn about the latest in best practice golf facility operations, to share knowledge and make connections. 

There are hundreds of people impacting the future of golf in Australia, most of whom have never been in the one place, at the same time. It’s time to change that.

Together with our foundation partner Golf Australia, the Golf Business Forum is providing key industry stakeholders the chance to partner in the premier education and networking event for the largest gathering of golf facilities in Australia. 

We look forward to your support and involvement in leading the industry into the future by starting with A New Conversation. 

Guy Chapple and Andrew Davies

Guy Chapple and Andrew Davies

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