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Is there one price to rule them all?

As an Australian course owner and operator, Andrew Davies has been a keen proponent of using pricing strategy to drive revenue. In a market characterised by rising fixed costs and generally flat growth in the price of a round of golf, developing and implementing a pricing strategy is a critical step to revenue management.

Andrew believes that the golf industry has some clear lessons to learn from other industries who have long engaged in yield management through pricing strategy. By exploring strategies and tools available to golf facilities, Andrew will provide practical tips on getting started as well as highlight success stories in price management.

Learn how to set a plan for long term yield management, and take the first steps to breaking the barriers of rack-rates whilst keeping the regulars happy, the seniors content, and the bottom line growing. If revenue management isn’t in your position description yet, it soon will be so get a head start on the tools and techniques for managing price to drive revenue.