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The loyal golfer (Part 2): From evidence to action - key steps to building a loyalty and rewards program that works



Following on from Monday’s afternoon session, Adam Posner delivers the second instalment in a key presentation at the Golf Business Forum. On Monday, Adam and Kristy Ihle set out the findings of the research conducted by WellPlayed Golf Business Consultancy, THINK Global Research and Directivity. Today Adam brings his extensive knowledge of loyalty and retention programs to the Forum, sharing key insights of designing and implementing loyalty programs.

Delegates will pick up Adam’s 9 steps to a profitable loyalty program, informed by the findings of the research and customised for the golf industry. Adam’s unique passion and focus will have you designing a bespoke program just for your facility, measuring results, and enjoying the benefits of more engaged, loyal and consistent customers. 

Move on from the “4th game free” coffee card and take your business to the next level.