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Opening Keynote: EGCOA Vision 2020



Hear from the EGCOA’s CEO direct about Vision 2020: an in-depth research project undertaken to create an overview of the European golf industry and develop an outlook for the development of golf through 2020. This project has produced a tool for facility owners and operators to build their strategy upon for the coming years to find and bind more players into the game of golf.

In this session you will understand how the EGCOA is encouraging facilities to focus on Fun, Friendship, Family and Flexibility as key concepts for the development and implementation of golf business strategy. Learn how a focus on the customer and their experience is integral to business success.

Lodewijk is passionate about the growth of the game of golf and is dedicated to find what it takes to get and keep people into golf. In his 25 years in the industry in various roles he keeps picking up new insights which he looks forward to sharing with us.