Golf Australia

As the governing body for golf in Australia, Golf Australia aims to raise the level of interest and participation in the golf from grassroots through to the elite levels.

Golf Australia, with key golf industry partners develops programs and opportunities to engage as many people as possible into the game. In addition, Golf Australia manages the Rules of Golf, the national handicapping system and increases the profile of golf though the running on nation championships including the Australian Opens.

Working in a commercial and inclusive manner with government, business, and community, Golf Australia ensures the value of golf is understood and supported in all policy and business decisions.

Why IS GOLF AUSTRALIA sponsoring the Golf Business Forum 2016?

In seeking to grow the game, Golf Australia aims to build stronger ties with public access facilities. As the first point of exposure to the game of golf we appreciate the vital role that public access facilities play in the success of the sport. It is from here that for significant numbers of people, the love of the game is developed. The future development of golf relies on the health and viability of its venues. We commend the gathering of public facility owners and operators to network and learn of ways to leverage the full potential of their venues through the provision of positive experiences and player pathways. Through national golf development programs such as MyGolf, and SwingFit plus golf promotional campaigns like GOLF MONTH, Golf Australia aims to assist all golf facilities in attracting, developing and retaining golfers. We look forward to meeting you.


Paul Vardy is in the Golf Development department of Golf Australia as the Club Support Manager. Paul has over 20 years experience in management roles within golf clubs and is passionate about assisting all golf venues to becoming more agile to change. Paul has been involved with the development of the of the Club Knowledge & Resource Centre that is a free access website portal that provides information for all golf facilities in the areas of; Strategic Planning & Governance, Financial Management & Insurance, Business Assessment Tools, Membership & Marketing, Facility Management, Workforce Management, Participation Programs, Case Studies and Research. Paul sees an increasing realisation within the golf industry of the shared interests of clubs and public access facilities in working together to grow the game.

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