Two sides of a beer-fuelled golf-cart race

When is going viral a step too far?

So let’s just say you’re a PGA Tour Pro and your Masters prep involves racing carts and drinking beer on course at the USA’s second-oldest private club. And your name is Kevin Kisner.

What happens when you make a cool vid of you and your mates having a whack, include footage of a 6-cart grand-prix, and send it into the internet wilderness for some attention and to promote golf as a fun, relaxed game? (Well, Vice Sports does anyway) Good for golf right? People having a bit of fun?

Well, then you get suspended from your club.

Check it out yourself here:

So does this highlight all that is wrong with old-school club attitudes, or is it just poor form warranting some discipline?

Forbes ran an interesting piece from Michael Buteau with some great arguments, and quoting Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation who pitched it as the old-guard failing to seize an opportunity to embrace the new.

For a good counterpoint, USA golf writer Geoff Shackelford’s response brings a different perspective, arguing effectively that economics has a bigger role to play in attracting new generations of golfers than club rules. 

Whilst Buteau’s piece has some truths about old-school attitudes, we’re with Shakelford on this - cost of participation is a key barrier to entry, and simply making golf cool won’t do the job. Affordability is key.

In Australia, the role of public golf facilities in offering affordable access to younger generations can’t be underestimated. That's part of our mission - improving golf business performance at Australia's golf facilities - to help drive more people to play the game. 

Having said that, a little bit of cool goes a long way too…. and we love a bunch of people having fun on course! Enjoy the reading and as always, add your views below.