Andrew Davies

Andrew is a Director of WellPlayed and is the CEO of a private family group which owns Eagle Ridge Golf Course in Victoria, a public access golf course located in Australia’s premier golf destination, the Mornington Peninsula.

Andrew has managed Eagle Ridge since 2007, following a career in both professional services and executive management.  Andrew is a golf business specialist and has now been involved with many WellPlayed projects, particularly involving public-access golf facilities.

Andrew is a member of the National Golf Course Owners Association (USA) and has recently installed a dynamic pricing tee-time booking engine at Eagle Ridge, the first of its kind in Australia. Following this successful implementation, Andrew now distributes Quick18 software to the Australian market, and is well recognised as being a key proponent of the view that the increasing adoption of technology and marketing is crucial to the industry’s ongoing success.

Strategic insights and action has been a key focus of Andrew’s operations at Eagle Ridge, and he brings a high level corporate focus and marketing experience to the business of golf.

During the Forum, Andrew will provide valuable insights on pricing strategies and adopting dynamic pricing in the Australian market. In a market with plenty of supply of quality golf experiences, pricing strategy is a key driver of revenue growth and represents an opportunity for all golf facilities. Andrew will provide his top tips on easy changes to make to prices, and tools for developing longer term pricing strategies.